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Celebrating Myself

I didn’t know what freedom was

But I sure loved the feeling

I didn’t realize it then, but I had found my escape

Let goodness lure you in, you can trust it

Listen to your body and you will be free

Those who can make you feel flawed have the power

Suddenly you need them

To fix you and tell you how to be

Journey alone and your voice gets louder

The cacophony fades away

I’m not finding myself, but finding my worth

I’m not lost, just unseen so frequently – by even my own soul

They gave me blinders – “wear these to fit in”

Now I couldn’t see where I ended, and they began

What would feel real if truth could speak for itself?

Hundreds of little shards of glass

Broken bits of me

Arranging them together as a sparkling mosaic

Each one reflecting my spirit

I’m joining the resistance by not hiding

Sharp and bright – this art is dangerous

Drawing attention is a threat to the weak

They protect themselves by rattling the strong

They cower at authenticity

Celebrating myself is my chosen act of rebellion

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