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Courage and Privilege

It takes courage to be who you really are;
Just you and nothing and nobody else.

Unveiled for the world to see.
No masks. No apologies.

But it’s not always as simple as having guts;
Not always as easy as being fierce.

Owning yourself takes dedication and grit, but also fortune and fate.
Breaking away requires strength and commitment, courage and … privilege.

Freedom requires hard work and firm boundaries and lots of good luck,
Because courage won’t get you very far swimming with sharks.

Not everyone is safe leaving the shadows, stepping out into the light.
Not everyone will be loved and supported if they come out of the closet.

Not everyone has the privilege of ruffling feathers or the safety net to rock the boat;
Fallout isn’t distributed equally.

Sometimes the brave thing is to keep hidden until it’s the right time or place.
Sometimes it’s the strong thing to keep up an act when you so badly want to quit.

Not everyone is timid who waits,
Not all are scared who test the water or linger just inside the mouth of the cave.

It’s wise to recognize “these people don’t deserve my authenticity”.
It’s prudent to spend your change wisely, to weigh the necessity of being a sacrificed lamb.

When the time is right, you will know
Deep down if the only obstacle is fear or pride.

Protecting yourself is valiant; a calculated escape, equally bold.
In the meantime don’t lose heart, stay the course; strategizing, planning and waiting, choosing moves carefully.

Some warriors battle the front lines, publicly heroes.
Others fight in secret, never celebrated, undercover agents.

Spies hide, and guard their secret identities.
Soldiers carry weapons, wear their armor. Neither are cowards.

To those still in disguise, I see you.
To those playing the long game for the best chance of success – I’m proud of you.

Your time will come, your secret is your sword.
You will know when to use it.

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