Half of Me is With You

You are
My Heart and my Soul
The most Happiness I’ve ever known
The greatest Gift I have received
My Joy and my Song

A Love so Fierce I didn’t believe it could be real
A Bond so Strong I can feel you in my every cell
Your Life runs through my Veins
Half of me is with You

I thought I had known what it meant to love
I thought I knew the feeling of being alive
Instead I found that all in you


Today is Caleb’s birthday. He would have been 36. To honor him, I hiked to his favorite spot in the mountains where we have some beautiful memories right around his birthday a couple years ago. I don’t know how I will commemorate his birthday every year, but I know I will always do something. I’m taking this lifelong grief journey one day at a time.

I’m moving forward but never “moving on”.

He is forever my lover and soulmate. I will share my life with and lean on people who understand that, but no love can ever replace him.

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