Unfamiliar Territory

The New Year isn’t always a happy time.

I don’t want to leave behind the last year that I held you in. I don’t want to live in a year that you never got to. I don’t want a New Year’s Eve without my first New Year’s kiss. A year without any of you in it seems so bleak. It should be a ridiculous impossibility.

I hate the marching of time, pushing me forward, forward, never letting me go back. Taking me further and further from the last moment I saw your face. I despise how linear and one-dimensional it is, trapping me as an exile. Time, that ruthless dictator, dragging me into unfamiliar territory.

My only comfort is feeling your presence and knowing we are connected by a bond stronger than death. Soulmates, you told me – not Bodymates or Earthmates or 2021mates. We are one across all the dimensions and planes of existence.

I can embrace the future knowing that you live through me, you are with me, we are still in love. I can navigate beyond anywhere I have been before, knowing I now have a spirit guardian fiercely protecting me as you always have. Your love reverberates across every atom in the universe, always reaching me.

That incessant, tyrannical time train that takes me further from our last embrace, will also eventually take me to you once again.

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