The World is only as Big as a Human Heart

When you work with people, your influence travels as far as they do. The places they go and the people they touch will be different because of you. If you want to change the world, change a human heart.

My love and life partner Caleb understood this and he encouraged me to publish my writing by saying that he would love to build me a website. He said “You will be the voice and I will amplify it. I can make the whole world hear you!”

I don’t think he said this expecting my blog to gain global recognition, but rather I think he knew the significance of touching even one person. He believed in me and he though that the things I had to say were worthwhile, even though it might not always be what he would say. Our voices were different, but he valued mine and wanted to make it louder. Caleb’s best friend, and my current partner Jared, decided to build me a website in honor of Caleb and as a way of continuing on the work that Caleb and I would have done together. My hope is that people would be encouraged through the work on this blog, and that Caleb’s spirit will be honored and his story shared.

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